Image editing used to be something that only the pros could do. Now everyone can give it a try with Create a new illustration, type words, edit your photos. Give them a bit of life, make them shine, polish them up and give them a professional feel. Or use the editor to hone your image editing skills before a big project.

The image editor has built-in utilities where you can play around with color, blurs and add other interesting effects. These can be found in the menu bar under effects.

Some of the color effects include:

Black and white, Brightness-Contrast, Colorize, Desaturate (this will remove the color from your image), negative and grayscale. For more advanced color options, you can use the Channels, Color Transform, and HSL Adjustment box.

The blur effects are great for creating blur backgrounds to use in other projects. Create a colorful blur background that you can use artistically behind photos or other images. Perhaps you want to add a soft, surreal blur in a photo. Here you could use the Gaussian blur option. It’s often used in wedding photos and portraits to make the atmosphere appear dreamy.

Try it out. Upload your photo, using the file > open… option. Then go over to effects and play around with the effects that photeditor4free has. Before you know it and with some practice, your images will start looking like the images you see on the front cover of the magazines.