When using the photoeditor4free site, there’s a few things you need to know. Take your time and look through all the menu options to understand what it is you can achieve with the editor.

To outline the purpose of the tools below the menu, we’ve set up this guide for you.

From left to right, top to bottom the tools are as follows:

Select object tool:

Allows you to select an object

Select area tool

Allows you to select a rectangular area

Magic Wand tool

The magic wand tool automatically deletes the background you select.

Erase Tool

Erases sections you want to clear

Fill tool

Use the fill tool to add color to an object or shape

Pick Color tool

Picks a color from your image and displays the color values


Allows you to draw a freehand line, shape or object

Draw Line

Allows you to draw a straight line

Draw Letters

Use this tool for writing

Draw Rectangle

For drawing rectangular shapes

Draw Circle

For easily drawing a circle


Similar to the pencil tool, but is used for filling rather than drawing.

Blur tool

Run the blur tool over an area of your image that you want to blur – don’t forget to set your settings below the color information.

Sharpen tool

The sharpen tool gives a clear and crisp effect to your image. If there’s an area you want to make clearer, use the sharpen tool.

Clone tool

Copy a piece of your work – this tool is great for patching and retouching a photo.


Adds a gradient to your shape or background