There’s so much information on the internet about image editing. The most important thing is to always have fun when doing a project and be creative. Play around until you find the right settings and combination of effects for you. Read up about different methods and make notes about the tips and tricks that are offered. Look at what other people are doing and see what works, what feels right. Don’t copy their work as that is a serious copyright infringement. Image editing is a balance of seeing and feeling your way through the edit.

Most people find that they have a talent for art. Whether you’re interested in Design, illustration or photo re-touching, getting more information on the topic is always a good idea. Practicing your skills is important. Explore and experiment, it’s what keeps your work unique and fresh. Always look for a different angle for your projects. Try something new and different and don’t be afraid to mix a variety of things. Never be afraid to make mistakes. Sometimes, the best results happen through an error.

And if you DO make a mistake you really don’t want to keep, you can undo it by selecting the undo option under the edit tab in the menu.

The site makes it so easy to keep going. It was designed to keep you doing the projects you love to do and encourage you to create. The menu is easy to find and understand and all the tools you need are right where you need them.